Monday, May 03, 2004

The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide

Yep, it's pretty basic - and vital - information

  I am fat because 1) I eat too much and 2) I don't exercise enough. It's as simple as that.

  I realized through reading this book how OUT OF CONTROL I was with food and how absolutely lazy I'd become. Food is not life. Food is merely a way to keep experiencing everything else in life. Why did I struggle with this for so many years?

  This book provided me with the insight to realize many things about my eating & exercising habits and gave me the tools to

  RE-LEARN how to take care of my body. I don't know why this book is so life-altering, but it just is. I'm not a fad-diet person, I have NEVER read a self-help book before, so my overwhelming support on this book shocks me. But it's awesome.

  I've done the diet/exercise thing before and usually lasted a week before failing miserably. But this time, there's a whole different approach. The challenges I experienced before that would normally crush all hopes of weightloss are no longer a big deal. I accept the challenge for what it is, understand how I need to handle it, and I move on.

  BTW, my husband doesn't get it. But then again, he is in perfectly health and body and drinks 6 cans of Pepsi a day and ALWAYS has a candy bar for lunch. He doesn't have to "get it" because his experience is totally different than mine.

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